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Since time immemorial, the world’s greatest artists, poets, philosophers and fashion editors have challenged themselves to find and describe true beauty. At La-Tattva we believe that the answers lie in nature. Therefore, our philosophy is “to nurture you with nature’s tattv.” They say that beauty lies in the confidence you have in yourself and we try to enhance that confidence.

Our products are made with fresh natural ingredients, nurtured with fresh water from the lush foothills of the Himalayas. The herbs are first extensively researched upon and then, the finest are used to make the final product. We use a variety of fruits and plants like guava, aloe vera and coriander to make our products.

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Origin in Hindu Mythology

Hands on Expertise

Result oriented product

Pure essential extract

100% vegetarian

Completely safe & gentle

With La-Tattva, Beauty Is Natural. Beauty Is You.

Most often, beauty lies in the confidence you have in yourself. La-Tattva gives you that confidence.

Our Products

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